New Seasons New Ventures

Now that winter is sinking back to it's rightful place I'm looking forward to a little travel and scouting new locations. As always if you have any ideas in the Northwest America I'm open to feedback.


Deja in Portland

Her photo session even though it had been pouring down rain for a few days. There was a break long enough so we went for it. Afterwards it started in again, a lucky break.

Stone Cottage Series

Today Faerie Magazine posted one of my pictures the "Stone Cottage" series. It had gotten a good response from the first few minutes on. I'm happy others see the same enchantment that had caught my eyes.


Storytelling Project

Looking to embark on a higher plane of my photography. Into the realm of storytelling by way of visual fine art. Where I need to increase those around me with major talents like costuming, theater hair and make up, building sets and so on.



Natalie is beautiful young lady. I had the pleasure to meet one of her family and friend. I hope you get the chance to see her in more upcoming shoots.


A Shoot with Angel

The breezes stop if only for a brief respite, with the sun in a finer hour of gold. I hollered out, "it's time."

Grab the gear and loaded it up in the van and headed to the park to get a couple of shots off with Angel. Not a moment to soon. Set up the lights, camera loaded and ready to go.

I think it went ok..


Armed and Ready

I'd recently had the good fortune to have a friend that wanted to find a new caretaker for an updated camera than the one I've been using. After an undesired break from my photography I was more than happy to take her up on the generous opportunity. 

I'll be working on a story theme series, a thought I'd been carrying around for a while..