She wanted to give a little modeling a try. Natalie was nervous even though we both had plenty of people around us we knew.


A Shoot with Angel

The breezes stop if only for a brief respite, with the sun in a finer hour of gold. I hollered out, "it's time."

Grab the gear and loaded it up in the van and headed to the park to get a couple of shots off with Angel. Not a moment to soon. Set up the lights, camera loaded and ready to go.

I think it went ok..


Armed and Ready

I'd recently had the good fortune to have a friend that wanted to find a new caretaker for an updated camera than the one I've been using. After an undesired break from my photography I was more than happy to take her up on the generous opportunity. 

I'll be working on a story theme series, a thought I'd been carrying around for a while..


Digital art to me is an expression of taste and the ability to visually tell a story. I share these through permission granted stock and some of my own with the array of elements to pull a story together. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do in the digital design process.

Have any feedback or want to contact me feel free to do so...


The Rendezvous (Short Storyboard)

A couple of images from the shoot over the weekend with the beautiful model Alexis..


Galcier National Park

An amazing opportunity was posed to me the other day and after considerable thoughts and the luck of having a freed up schedule to pull it off. I guess I'm now planning for a train trip through the Glacier National Park.

I will be adding to my journal, passing on my thoughts, expressions and a few words of the experiences. I look forward in meeting people this way and ease into the conversations of those I have not yet met.

Stay tuned there will be updates to follow.

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