Always Calling

There are a few who know me personally understand that I have always had an artistic creativity as my center core. As my mid-teenage years during the sixties I took on artwork consignments for some Seattle store fronts, record shops, approached for album covers and poster art.

Music was a wanted and enjoyable distraction. A distraction still lives in me to this day, just in a different light. I was in my first garage band in the preteens. Later on in the Seattle and Northwest music scenes some on an international circuit I was running on a high spirit.

Then there’s come a time when a person is willing to give it all away due to raising a family. There aren’t really any regrets more of a sense of lost and those proverbial nagging questions. Seldom there isn’t a time that goes by I not involved in some sort of an artistic nature even in the most of mundane things. I learned how to work it in and around the parameters of outside demands.  

Every once in a while there's a song I find by surprised and I become captured by it. This song is one of those. Wish That You Were Here 

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